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Solar mounting systems

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The key points The right solar mounting system, if installed correctly, will provide the structural support a solar system needs, in order to protect it from wind-induced failure and other potential weather hazards. A mounting system can also set the orientation and elevation of a solar system, in order to maximise its energy performance. Mounting systems can be designed to sit on a separate sub-frame or tilt legs to provide the ideal inclination for a given location. Usually made from stainless steel or aluminium, most mounting systems are designed for universal application, and can come in a variety of styles including tilt frame, flat roof-mounted or ground-mounted. They can be customised to meet the size and specifications of a PV installation, as well as the style of roof or installation. A good mounting system should be easy to install, made from quality, rust-free materials – or materials with sufficient corrosion protection (such as galvanised steel) – and should effectively protect a system’s cables.

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