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  • The key points The right solar mounting system, if installed correctly, will provide the structural support a solar system needs, in order to protect it from wind-induced failure and other potential weather hazards. A mounting system can also set the orientation and elevation of a solar system, in o

  • One of the first things to check with a mounting system supplier is that the supplierwill provide a structural certificate for its product to your customer (these certificatesdemonstrate that a mounting system will help prevent damage to a solar installation and safeguard it in the event of a wind-i

  • Crystalline solar PV panels produce the most power when they are pointed directly at the sun. In Australia, solar modules should face north for maximum electricityproduction. The orientation of the panels will often have a greater effect on annual energy production than the angle they are tilted at.

  • Mistakes: A.Deciding purely on parts costs alone, and not taking into consideration installation costsB. Buying on price, and regretting later when complaints about quality come through or local support and stock is unsatisfactory C. Thinking that all mounting systems are the same D. Thinking that t

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