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Common mistakes made when purchasing solar mounting systems – and how to avoid them

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A.Deciding purely on parts costs alone, and not taking into consideration 

installation costs

B. Buying on price, and regretting later when complaints about quality come through or local support and stock is unsatisfactory 

C. Thinking that all mounting systems are the same 

D. Thinking that the mounting system is the least important part of the system. 

How to avoid them: 

Apply long-term thinking, and sustainable business models in the process 

Treat the mounting system as an important part of the installation; consider it as the base for the entire project 

Look for local expertise and experience Go through the specification, accreditation and installation guide carefully to make sure that it suits the purpose of the project 

Beware of thin anodising on poor-quality aluminium, which won’t last. 

Aluminium have  different alloys. A construction or structural 

alloy is an aluminium alloy designed for building structures, such as 

in the rails of a mounting system – examples of this type are 6005-T5 

or 6106-T6. 

Lower-grade aluminium like AL 6063 is most commonly used to build 

office partitions or window framing; it is not as strong, and you should 

be wary of a mounting system rail constructed using this material.

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